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  1. Zuby

    Cerere Admin

    ALL TIME STATS Score: 1169 Minutes Played: 333 Score per Minute: 3.5 Rank on Server: #108 out of 718 In 10 zile ai mai facut 40 de minute, asta inseamna 4 minute/zi. Respins!
  2. Zuby

    Cerere Admin

    Score: 985 Minutes Played: 282 Score per Minute: 3.5 Rank on Server: #137 out of 6949 Ai prea putin timp jucat pe server. Vei fi anuntat cand il primesti.
  3. Zuby

    Cerere Admin

    Ramai in asteptare.
  4. Zuby

    Cerere VIP

  5. Zuby

    Prezentare Shadow.

    Salut! Bine ai venit in comunitate!
  6. Zuby

    Salutare SBN

    Salut. Bine ai venit in comunitate!
  7. Zuby

    Cerere VIP

    Ai primit VIP. Ai grija la limbaj pe viitor. Mult succes!
  8. Zuby

    Cerere VIP

    Lasa-mi un STEAM_ID si o sa primesti.
  9. Zuby

    Cerere admin

    Lasa-mi steamid.
  10. Zuby

    [PREZENTARE] aimeR

    Salut! Bine ai venit
  11. Zuby

    [CERERE ADMIN] aimeR

  12. Zuby

    [CERERE VIP] aimeR

  13. Zuby

    Cerere admin D.A.N.Y

  14. Zuby

    A VIP rank for my account would be appreciated.

    And what's your steam_id ?
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