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    View File [CSGO] Weapon & Knives :: !ws !knife !nametag Description This plugin allows you to; Use any knife that is available inside CS:GO environment Apply any skin that is available inside CS:GO environment (including new cases' skins) Change the wear/float value of your skins Enable/Disable StatTrak technology on your weapons and knives Add name tags to your weapons and knives (with color options) CVars You can modify the CVars below in cfg/sourcemod/weapons.cfg file sm_weapons_db_connection - Database connection name in databases.cfg to use Default: "storage-local" sm_weapons_table_prefix - Prefix for database table (example: "xyz_") Default: "" sm_weapons_chat_prefix - Prefix for chat messages Default: "[wasdzone]" sm_weapons_knife_stattrak_mode - 0: All knives show the same StatTrak counter (total knife kills) 1: Each type of knife shows its own separate StatTrak counter Default: "0" sm_weapons_enable_float - Enable/Disable weapon float options Default: "1" sm_weapons_enable_nametag - Enable/Disable name tag options Default: "1" sm_weapons_enable_stattrak - Enable/Disable StatTrak options Default: "1" sm_weapons_float_increment_size - Increase/Decrease by value for weapon float Default: "0.05" sm_weapons_enable_overwrite [NEW] - Enable/Disable players overwriting other players' weapons (picked up from the ground) by using !ws command Default: "1" sm_weapons_grace_period [NEW] - Grace period in terms of seconds counted after round start for allowing the use of !ws command. 0 means no restrictions Default: "0" Requirements PTaH 1.0.7 by komashchenko Installation Use this without a GSLT token (LAN server), or use a token service for your servers, or your account will be banned from operating game servers, and a month cooldown from playing the game. Edit csgo/addons/sourcemod/configs/core.cfg => Change "FollowCSGOServerGuidelines" "yes" to "no" Install PTaH 1.0.7 (DOWNLOAD PTaH) Copy the folder structure to your gameserver. (OPTIONAL) If you want to use MySQL instead of SQLite (storage-local), edit addons/sourcemod/configs/databases.cfg file and add the MySQL db connection details under "weapons" title, then change "sm_weapons_db_connection" cvar inside cfg/sourcemod/weapons.cfg file to "weapons" Restart server. Notes StatTrak counts do not apply immediately after a kill, it will refresh when you get a new weapon. No options for non-premium/vip usage restriction will be added. Do not request it, do it yourself if you want to. I've coded a small utility in java to parse game files to create skins config file to be used with this plugin. You can find the source and executable here. If there happens an update with new skins/cases added, you can use this tool to create new config files in every language and use new skins from that update. This plugin will get your GSLT (token) banned! Submitter Zuby Submitted 12/12/2017 Category CS:GO Plugins  
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