- SSD Cloud Servers (KVM) - Frankfurt, Germany - Highly Available Cloud! - SSD Cloud Servers (KVM) - Frankfurt, Germany - Highly Available Cloud! is a brand of combahton GmbH, offering Cloud and Dedicated Servers within two datacenters in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Our services are based on latest HPE and Supermicro servers, offering outstanding realiability and performance. We also operate our own fully redundant, multi-datacenter Juniper based network.

Want to learn more about our technical infrastructure and how we take care of their operation? - See our infrastructure details.

Some key features of our SSD Cloud Servers

  • High Availability: All SSD Cloud Servers are provisioned on a redundant, highly available KVM Cluster consisting of multiple Cloud and Storage Nodes. HA is provided by Corosync and GlusterFS. More details can be found on
  • Excellent connectivity: By default, every cloud server node is connected with 2x 10Gbit to our network. This provides network-level fault resilience, fast data transfers, and best performance even at peak times. Network-intensive applications are excellently hosted with us.
  • DDoS-Protection: Our cloud servers include our exclusive DDoS protection, which unique beside other well known solutions. Even DDoS attacks on web applications are filtered out by our DDoS protection.
  • Additional IP-Addresses: You can add additional IP addresses (from 1.49€) and subnets (from 6.95€) to your instance. The setup takes place immediately, the reserved address ranges are routed to an instance of your choice.
  • Daily Backup: Data loss is annoying. Accordingly, our cloud server nodes are equipped with several hard drives (hardware raid) as standard. You can avoid the risk of self-generated data loss with minimal effort through our automated snapshot backups. For this purpose we make a complete backup of your server daily between 02:00 to 10:00 am.
  • Scale at any time: Do you need more CPU power, memory or disk space instant? Scale your server automatically to the next higher level, fully automated and without changing the existing configuration or data. We only charge you the difference in connection with the current remaining term.
  • Virtual Private Lan: Create your own, isolated networks with our Virtual Private Lan (VPL). VPLs behave like V-Lans and provide an internal network between different instances where you can freely use your own IP addresses. Choose between 1Gbit, 2Gbit or 5Gbit interfaces.
  • Free BGP (AS30823): Already own an AS and IP-Space? Just open a ticket after your server has been provisioned and tell us your ASN and Prefixes with valid route objects. We will configure the session within two business days.

Small entry offerings

With a small budget, you get a lot of power and possibilities with our Cloud Servers. Starting at 2,95€ ($3,30) per 30 days, we offer:

  • Cloud SE-2
  • One CPU Core (Intel Xeon E5v2/v3/v4 @ +2,5GHz) incl. AES-NI
  • 2048MB ECC Memory
  • 30GB SSD Storage
  • Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and FreeBSD available as one-click installation
  • Additional details and order link available on our website

More power needed? Choose a higher package or upgrade with just a few clicks, without moving configuration or data.

Want to learn more about our current progress? Checkout our blog.

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