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Numele adminlui: Splash       /

Data: 15.10.2017 pe la 10:30 , 10:45 si 11:00


Nu fac de obicei reclamatie nimanui(nu am  avut motiv)  incerc sa joc pe server fara sa deranjez pe nimeni.

Dar cand e joc contra lui Splash trebuie sa am  grija sa nu il omor  ca imi da kick pur si simplu, nu raspunde la nici o intrebare( cat mai frumos adresata), crezand ca am  incalcat niste reguli am  intrebat doar ca sa ma trezesc cu inca un kick.

Eu i-am  sugerat sa citesca regulamentul de pe forum  dar am  fost ignorat si cand l-am  omorat din nou mi-am  luat kick din nou.

Stiu ca un kick nu e ban dar totusi, adminu trebuie sa fie un exemplu 

Atat am  avut de spus.

O zi buna

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Ok, am inteles. Astept sa vad raspunsul adminului.

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You tried talking to me in rumanian, i did not answer becuase i did not see you saying my name (i didn´t understand that you were talking to me),

but when you said: splash? i answerd: yes? and told you i don´t understand rumanian. I´m sorry if you got offended by that


Your story has now been said and heard, i have a whole another story. Alot of players said that you were cheating, so i started spectating you. You got some nasty shots and pre-fires sure there could have been players from your team telling you where they were. but i still think its hard to place your crosshair in the exact spot the player is in from some information.


now that both stories has been heard the lord aka Zuby can say his oppinion on this whole "thing"

Btw keep in mind, i had to translate your story word by word to write this xDD. Best regrets//Splash

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Yea you still dont kick people like that, is not about being offended is about making the game unplayable.

After some players said that you dont speak romanian(on a romanian server) i asked you why you kicked me in english(broken one but still:) ) and you didnt said anything.

You keep on kicking people with no reason, seen you do it to many times and people asking you  why kick and you dont respond, that kinda  makes people stop playing..

I have nothing agains you you seem  resonable, maybe next time when you !sm_kick put a reason on the end atleast i know why.

And you only kick me after i  killed you so that didnt help.

Best regards

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