Community Rules and Info

Community Rules and Info

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This is the discussion forum for offers collected from LET, LES, HT, WHT and others. You can find yourself in a world of VPS offers under $7. is aimed to be a discussion forum for a complete genre of topics surrounding web and cloud hosting.

The Golden Rule is:

Don’t be a dick.

Do unto others. Don't do things that decades of netiquette have shown to be offensive. Don't be That Guy. Don't break the rules. When in doubt, don't.

Just don't be a dick.

More Specific Rules

There will always be new ways to cause trouble for people within a community, and they can’t all be listed one by one. Intent isn’t always impossible to judge, and it isn’t always relative. The administrators and the moderators are the judges, respect their requests when you are told that you have stepped out of line.

Bannable, Kill -9 Behaviors:

  • Overt racism, religious intolerance, etc. All that stuff that is in every forum TOS on the planet. If most people would think it's hate speech, it's likely the mods will, too, and besides...what does that have to do with the low end vps world? False cries of racism to derail threads will meet the same fate as racist remarks.
  • Threats, harassment, doxing, supporting terrorist activity, making public your wish for people here to die, motivating people to commit harm to themselves, etc. You're being a dick.
  • Obvious spam. We all know it when we see it.
  • Ban evasion
  • Being a dick.
  • DO NOT PM offers to anyone unless you have a provider or host_rep tag, further info in the rules for selling post.

Things Everyone Hates and Things We Do Not Allow

  • Posting multiple threads on the same topic.
  • Creating a thread and then editing the content to remove it, replace it with "delete please", or something like that.
  • Bumping threads because you're impatient.
  • Answering. Every. Thread. With. Your. Aff. Code.
  • Hidden affiliate links, all affiliate links must be made obvious.
  • Speed Qualifiers: We ask you to meet some pretty low minimums to qualify for the Provider tag (5 posts, 14 days). When you spam five quick "+1 good idea" replies to get to the limit, it disappoints us.
  • The Dark Arts of Thread Necromancy: make sure the thread you're replying to is still relevant
  • Posting about things other than low end virtual machines/technology in places other than Offtopic. The category is there for a reason.
  • Signatures longer than most of your posts that fill significant portions of our screens. It should not be more than two lines, nor should it be distracting.
  • Making 👍 your 😀 thread 😂 titles 👏 super 😍 flashy. This ain't WHT.
  • Posting threads asking for members to stress test or throughput test an IP, URL, or any other network resource. The potential for DDOS abuse is too great to allow such threads.

Moderators and admins are people too

You'll be expected to treat us like human beings. We are not robots that experience no emotion, we are not contracted third parties, we are human and members of this community.

We will not tolerate having our judgment or impartiality repeatedly called into question for the purpose of causing unrest in the community, addiction to drama, or manipulating us into reversing decisions (ex. "well if you're not hiding anything then bring back the thread you deleted").

We are just doing a job here, calling our actions 'censorship' is not acceptable, we are here to moderate and guide the community, if we believe something you have posted requires editing this is just us doing our job, if you have issues with decisions made open a ticket to discuss it, do not then re-edit your posts complaining about 'censorship'.

Please understand that "request" does not mean you are entitled to either. We may approve or deny any request without stated reason. If that flares up your paranoia, maybe this community is not a good fit for you.

Provoking ex staff that no longer have elevated rights here is cowardly and will not be tolerated, this is an instant ban offence.

Also, a thing to keep in mind is that ex-staff members will not be able to perform any kind of moderation.

Please refrain from contacting them for such requests — we’ve received complaints regarding old staff members receiving numerous messages requesting help et al. and frankly, people that keep doing so are showing that they don’t care about the community. Repeat offenders will be banned.

We are White Hat

We do not allow discussion of how to commit illegal activities such as D/DOS attacks, spamming, hacking, etc. Threads on these subjects will be closed and removed. Discussion of defense against these acts is welcome. is not the place to boast about your DDOS attacks, share your tango downs, or rally the hacking underground to avenge a digital wrong. Discussions encouraging these activities will be closed and removed.

Just to be clear - that list of subjects includes traffic exchange, residential proxies, CPA/CPL (survey) fraud, game bots, traffic bots, any similar types of unfriendly bots, botnets, subnets so you can barrage sneaker companies in search of the latest tennis shoes, as well as anything that might cause headaches for a hosting provider or is intended to intentionally violate others' terms. Provider lives matter. is Multithreaded

It's true - has full multithreading support! If you find your comment is more about another comment than about the thread's title, please fork the thread by starting one of your own.

There is absolutely no performance penalty for forking. Please fork your brains out rather than derailing threads. Doesn't Have Subtitles

Our language of discussion is English. This is solely because the moderators all speak English and we can't moderate non-English text, and non-moderatable posts obviously have a huge potential for problems. Please post in English. Muchos danke, mon amie! is R-Rated

We've already used the word "dick" and made a fork joke (nyuck, nyuck) so obviously this isn't Nickelodeon. However, we're not X-rated so please no full frontal tentacle hentai animated gifs, etc. is Community

We routinely critique new offers down to the bitter penny, debate this provider vs. that, trade raw opinions, and share ways to navigate in an open air forum. This is great freedom.

With it comes, ah hell is this going all Peter Parker? Let's be more specific:

  • This is, not sAr3b)tz. You get to pick what you say yourself, so keep in mind what you choose reflects who you are.
  • When you pull out your big boy language, make sure it's pointed at something other than another member.
  • Trolls are very obvious and usually not very funny. They tend to be rather dickish and you've already learned the fate of those who are dicks. is Eternal

Occasionally people want mods to delete accounts. We don't do that because Vanilla doesn't handle it very well, it messes up threads, etc. We recommend you (a) choose an account name that doesn't identify you, and (b) don't behave in a way that will embarrass future you. FYI, only you and mods can see your email address and IP info.

To be clear, if you post something on, you should expect it to live forever.

Do not open a ticket with the support desk regarding your "right to be forgotten" under GDPR the volunteer staff do not deal with legal or regulatory issues.


From time to time, the mods will warn individuals. Usually this is to draw their attention to various rules that they are apparently unaware of. Typically warnings are for 2 weeks and then removed, but there is no automated method for this and it relies on mods noticing someone's post and looking at the warning. If you feel it's been there too long, submit a ticket.

Warnings are only visible to you and the mods, not to other users. They're the first, private step on the "warning, temp ban, permanent ban" ladder. Take them as a "hey, by the way, did you see this rule" nudge in the ribs. There are various warning levels (mild, medium, severe, etc.) which are chosen based on the whim of any given mod.

Tired Threads

These threads are either played out (nothing new to say) or tend to generate more heat than light. Think carefully before wading into them.

  • The ethics of copyright in the digital age, the ethics of torrenting, BLAH BLAH freaking BLAH MAKE IT STOP.
  • Gun control.
  • Political debates, this candidate or party vs. that, etc. We're in different countries, for pity's sake.

Provider Offers

If you see an offer that is not right for you for some reason just move on, not everything will fit your individual needs and it may be a great offer for someone else, it is not your place to trash hosts offers.

While a certain amount of community self moderation has always been acceptable and is still acceptable apply common sense and try to be constructive. e.g. "OpenVZ is rubbish" or "I can get this cheaper at xyz host" is of no use to anyone, if you feel that way then just move on, do not assume your thoughts are welcome and widely accepted by the community.

Hosts that are very unwelcome here, even mentioning them in some cases will result in moderation to remove their name to avoid giving them any SERP/SEO - things need to have gotten pretty serious in order to end up on this list, it is not just a general bad hosts list and does not actually reflect on the quality of service offered.

  • W00tH05ting - Due to their aggressive affiliate marketing they are generating a massive amount of work for the volunteer staff cleaning up their shilling efforts - even links to sites that link to W00tH05ting are not allowed and will be removed.

rules from LET with flavor

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